Abi Ferrin

Age 39 - Designer/CEO Abi Ferrin, Mother to Elijah

Abi is a purpose-driven force to be reckoned with. She lives with freedom and purpose by empowering those around her through her ethically-made fashions.

Alison Khanania

Age 49 - Mother of 4

Alison's heart for helping others shines through in her everyday life. She lives with a constant passion to help other women find their true purpose.

Amy Vanderoef

Age 42 - Dallas Media Personality, Mom to Wyatt

Constantly spreading the importance of self-love, yet still juggling being a working single mom makes Amy an unstoppable force. She inspires everyone around her with her bubbly personality and never-ending perseverance. .

Denise Simon

Age 66 - Wife, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 12, and Artist

Being a mother and grandmother inspires Denise to live a purposeful life by enjoying the beauty and "awesome-ness" in everything. She regularly inspires the Abi Ferrin team to think outside the lines.

Diane Brouillard

Age 34 - Marketing and Sales Director by day, Ethically-Made Fashion Brand Ambassador

Diane lives and breathes ethically-made fashion. She has a heart for supporting women-run entrepreneurial brands and encourages those around her to also be conscious consumers.

Gail Davis

Age 59 - Founder/President GDA Speakers

Owning her own speakers bureau allows Gail to help people share their messages to audiences all over the world; something she feels passionately about.

Jan Strimple

Age 62 - Fashion Show Producer, "Walk Whisperer", Fashion Mentor

A fashion legend who has walked runways all over the world; Jan has mentored aspiring fashion-newcomers (including Abi!) and models for years. She fulfills her purpose by sharing her knowledge and elegantly teaching confidence everywhere she goes.

Janet Dorsett

Age 51 - NFL Wife, Mother, "Encourager!"

To say Janet is a light in the world is an understatement. She strives to be verbally encouraging and uplifting to everyone she comes in contact with. .

Jazmyn Dorsett

Age 25 - Model, Athlete, Eldest of 3 sisters

As an avid fitness lover herself, Jazmyn strives to inspire everyone around her to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kendell Bachik

Age 36 - Owner/Founder REACT, Wife, Mother

After overcoming a horrific accident with a diagnosis that she would have no personal abilities, Kendell now lives to help others do the same. Her non-profit REACT aims to inspire and self-empower all people living with neurological disabilities..

Lexi Dennis

Age 23 - Founder/Stylist Lexi Dennis Styling, Abi Ferrin VIP Stylist

Whether through something as simple as packing a suitcase, or styling for a red carpet appearance, Lexi loves helping women feel better about their bodies by dressing them in clothes that make them feel empowered.

Lisa Streidl

Age 50 - Retail Real Estate and Branding Consultant, Artist

Lisa has a gift for seeing and guiding brands to find their stride. She strives to support entrepreneurs with vision and solid advice.

Monique Hohmann

Age 41 - Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Citizen of the Earth!

Monique's daily aspirations are to inspire her children to strive towards living a happy and purposeful life.

Nelda Yaw

Age 54 - Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Victor, Founder & Chief Visionary 2bKnown

Nelda, a survivor of spousal betrayal & deception, has a real heart for giving back. She empowers women by encouraging them to follow their dreams and is there to help them every step of the way.

Nicole Hatchet

Age 33 - Owner/Founder Hatch-It Birth Services, Dallas-Based Doula and Sacred Pregancy Guide

Being a Doula allows Nicole to use her gifts to empower women through their birth experience with beauty and integrity.

Nil Ferrin

Age 36 - Radio Host, Wife, Mother

<p"Joy-bringer" is Nil's first answer that comes to mind when asked what her purpose is. She strives to spread happiness to everyone who comes in contact with her.

Rania Batrice

Age 35 - Owner/Founder Batrice & Associates Political Consulting

Rania's constant driving force is to inspire and help create more women leaders in her industry.

Shama Hyder

Age 31 - Founder/CEO The Marketing Zen Group, Television Media Correspondent

Owning her own marketing business allows Shama's passion for teaching others to come to life by helping clients learn the benefits of the ever-changing digital world.

Tiffany Hendra

Age 45 - Wife, TV Host, Beauty & Style Expert and Lifestyle Mentor

Self-proclaimed "purpose-igniter”, Tiffany has a passion for empowering women through her lifestyle blog.

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