Amethyst Rosenauer

Age 35 – CEO of my little family & Production Director at Abi Ferrin

Amethyst's passion for health + happiness shines through in everything she does from making clothes to teaching yoga!

Annabelle Bragalone

Age 17 - High School Senior, Daughter, Drill Team Captain, Adventurer

Annabelle's fearless heart for helping others shines through in everything she does! From traveling the world working in under-developed countries to her High School Drill Team, Annabelle is a world changer! 

Ashlee Kleinert

Wife, Mother, Serial entrepreneur with a Grilled Cheese truck.

Ashlee has devoted her life to helping women and children in her community through employment and sustainability efforts.

Aubrey Ferrin-Tutko

Age 36 - Wife of a Veteran, Mom of 5, Daughter, Salon Owner, Wella Brand Educator

Being a hairdresser allows Aubrey to share her gifts with her clients. She lives with passion and purpose for making others feel beautiful inside and out!

Brandy Adams

Age 40 - Founder and Master Creator at WAAS (We Are All Stars) Gallery

Activism, change, and freedom drive Brandy to inspire everyone around her by teaching them how to shine and realize their full potential.

Brenda Warner

Age 50 - Wife, Mother of 7, Child of God, Flawed, Forgiven, Metal Artist

As a wife, mother and artist, Brenda lives with a passion to fight for those who don't have a voice.

Cookie Abamu

Age 46 - Single Mom of 3 Amazing Children, Owner/Founder Mylk by Cookie

As founder and CEO of Mylk by Cookie, Cookie is passionate about supporting new mothers on their breastfeeding journey.

Elizabeth Weathersby

Age 56 - Founder- The Weathersby Group Inc. Laboratory Consultants, Wife, Mother, Horse-crazy Mountain Climber

Whether it’s climbing an actual mountain or one in our minds, Elizabeth is passionate about taking on challenges and pursuing big dreams. From starting her own lab business to raising awareness of human trafficking and domestic violence through Mosaic Family Services, she hopes to inspire others to live their passion.

Jen Brigham

Age 29 - Owner/Founder One Step At A Time Fitness, Personal Trainer, Second Chance Haiti Advocate

Jen was born with a non hereditary birth defect (PFFD), which means her right leg never fully developed. This resulted in an above-the-knee amputation at age 5. Jen endured many surgeries throughout her childhood, which resulted in her deep passion for helping others. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and sharing that knowledge while inspiring others to pursue their goals.

Julie Jackson

Age 48 - Blessed Mom of 2 Sons, Lucky Wife to Mr. Jackson, Purposeful career with Varsity Brands

Julie's purpose is to inspire others to seek greatness in all that they do. As a mom, #GoBeGreat started with a call to action in her home while raising her two sons. Through unthinkable tragedy, #GoBeGreat became that same call to action to countless others through continuing to live with the choice of: positivity, joy, light, strength, hope, purpose, humility, servant leadership, love, passion, kindness, and focusing on the good in others and celebrating their unique gifts and talents.

Kim Olusanya

Age 44 – Daughter, Sister, Mom, Wife, Founder & Curator of Fashion With Compassion Dallas, Domestic Violence Advocate

As a Domestic Violence survivor turned Advocate, Kim's passion is to raise awareness for the current domestic violence epidemic. She is dedicated to not only fighting domestic violence, but helping women gain back their dignity and self-worth.

Kim Standish

Age 55 - Mother, Former CIA/FBI Counter-Terrorism Task Force

After devoting her entire career to serving others, Kim is passionate about inspiring future generations (especially her daughter!) to have a healthy work-life balance.

Lisa Greenwood Duffee

Age 58 – Mother, Daughter, Grandmother, Lawyer, Amateur Car Dancer

As a partner at Duffee + Eitzen LLP, Lisa's purpose is to empower, educate, support, and advocate for individuals in need of quality family law legal representation.

Lourdes Castro (Lula Holos)

Age 37 - Curandera/Healer

Lula's passion is to share the gifts of the Creator with everyone she meets. She strives to remind us all through the art of healing how loved we are, and that we are not alone in our life experiences.

Luz Delia Gerber

Age 70 - Child of God, Grandmother, Daughter, Mom, Spouse, Friend, Mentor, CEO/Founder Body Systems Design & Michael Gerber Companies

Through her company, Luz Delia has devoted her life to helping people from all walks of life achieve transformational healing, inspired balance, and lasting well being.

Mickie Bragalone

Age 57 - Retired Attorney, Mom, Daughter, Wife, Amateur Event Planner, Community Volunteer

Mickie's love of art combined with her passion for social justice go hand-in-hand to inspire purpose her in her daily philanthropic life.

Radhika Zaveri

Age 47 - Owner of Sukan Jewelry, Mom, Wife, Friend, Brand Aficionado & Lover of Community

Radhika lives and breathes an ethically-run lifestyle be it in her personal life or professional. She has founded her own brand to build a community of self sufficient women artisans for the conscious consumer & supports non profits encouraging women to be fearlessly independent.

Rania Batrice

Age 35 - Political and Non-Profit Consultant and Strategist

Rania's constant driving force is to inspire and help create more women leaders in her industry.

Shauna Ekstrom

Age 64 - Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Network Marketing Leader

Shauna's purpose is to inspire and empower women of all ages to confidently live a healthy lifestyle. She also has a passion for helping women determine their own financial future for themselves and their loved ones. Legacy!

Taylor Valdez

Age 23

Taylor's purpose is to explore, be free, experience the absolute fullness of life-- and share her journey along the way! 

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