Abi Ferrin has a passion for empowering women and has been doing so through her eponymous clothing line for years.  As a fashion designer, she has had a perfect platform to inspire women, and as a philanthropist she created her company to support women while dressing them. 

From day one, Abi Ferrin has been committed to transparency in the manufacturing of her product. From her own in-house Texas atelier where 50% of her product is created, to the outsourced manufacturers she selects, she personally ensures that the environments are clean and that happy people who are paid honest wages sew each garment that bears the Abi Ferrin label.

Along with her Flagship Boutique in Dallas, Abi Ferrin sells her clothes to exclusive boutiques and resorts globally, and has received much recognition for her unique approach to design and entrepreneurialism by many.

  • Texas Top Designer by Stanley Korshak in 2007
  • Excellence in Design Award by DIFFA in 2009
  • Featured Designer for the Super Bowl Fashion Show by the NFL Wives in 2009
  • Inducted into the Vogue 120 in 2013
  • Cause Champion for the Mary Kay Foundation’s Don’t Look Away Campaign.

Abi Ferrin Clothing Dallas Texas


Shortly after leaving a 2 year relationship where she was the victim of domestic violence and credit card theft, she was introduced to the plight of trafficked individuals, and created the Freedom Project.  The Freedom Project supports organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and inspire entrepreneurial opportunities and employment for former victims of trafficking and abusive employment.  Every Abi Ferrin garment of clothing that is sold comes with a Freedom Project tag that includes a button made by one of these organizations. The Freedom Project is also proud to partner with Nepal-based company, Purnaa to produce Abi’s collaborative cashmere collection, AbiPaige. 



Abi Ferrin is a versatile and sophisticated fashion brand that offers expertly designed pieces.  Providing a chic solution for women of all ages and body types. With supreme fit, comfort and easy-to-care-for fabrics as a key element throughout her collections. Abi’s effortless essentials inspire women to feel confident and beautiful.  

Celebrated pieces include the renowned Nikki 5-Way Dress that creates five entirely new looks depending on how the garment is draped, and the Jan Cape that easily transforms from work meetings to date night.  

The Abi Ferrin brand is proudly designed, produced, and handmade in the U.S.A.