• Me Too... Now What?

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    Flipping the Script on #metoo -

    Two years ago, I stepped out of the abuse victim closet to tell my story on national stages and participate in what would become a healing process for not only me, but also our society. Once the Mary Kay cosmetics campaign went viral, I felt very lonely, and naked.  Even though I knew the statistics on domestic violence (1 in 4 women in the United States will experience abuse in their life time), it was just not something anyone talked about.  But, I wasn’t alone for long.  Soon, after every speech, a line of women would be waiting to share their “Me too” story.  

    Now we have seen it played out on our social media feeds through #metoo.  Now we all know that my story is a societal epidemic. Now we are starting to understand my story (#metoo) is our/OUR story.  This is not just limited to romantic relationships. It is rape, it is molestation, it is child abuse, and it has happened to you or many you know. 

    Truth be told, Hollywood has known and accepted this behavior for years, and not just from Harvey Weinstein. I left Hollywood over 12 years ago, and “bad behavior” from actors like Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise, John Travolta (and the list goes on) was widely known. The term 'casting couch' just didn’t become a term on its own. Young girls in Hollywood daily meet men who are “producers” with access, via their bedroom. Harvey Weinstein is now the face, but he represents a sickness that is pervasive amongst those that control the media.

    So, we have spoken up as a collective.  Now what?  We have two choices: 1) We can feel sorry for ourselves with anger and fear, hating everyone in power, and create another imbalance -or- 2) We can take healthy action. I can tell you from personal experience it is a mental shift to move from victim to healthy. For me, it took recognizing that I had not loved myself and that I had allowed this abuse. That was the worst. Why did I make an agreement to be treated that way? In turn, as a society what are we allowing? We can control what we watch, what we allow our children to watch, where we spend our money, where we spend our time, who we elect, who we make famous, what magazines we buy. Do YOU, dear reader, know that you are in so much control? Are you conscious of this? We all can make 2 or 3 changes to the ways that we are living our lives that will promote healthy shifts for us personally and collectively.  

    As a fashion designer, I am here to remind you that you and your daughters are perfect and beautiful just as you are. I have launched and will continue to invest in The Purpose Project, which was created to shake up both fashion industry and societal standards. In a time where we are all craving authenticity, I traded in a modeling agency for my very own, beautiful clients - women of all shapes, sizes and ages. These Women of Purpose were chosen because they inspire us daily by the way they live their lives and the character they possess. These women have powerful stories and are graceful examples of all of us. 

    Every day in my store, a woman tells me she can’t try something on because she doesn’t look like the model in the picture. Every day a woman walks out of the dressing room and points out her flaws to me. Healing begins with self-love, and so I ask you, my dear reader, join my movement and start celebrating our true beauty. As we love ourselves, we will also love each other back to a healthy strong and balanced version of what it means to be a woman.  We will reshape the world that our daughters and sons will become adults in. 

    Please come see our Fall 2017 Women of Purpose Installation from November 15th - December 14th at my store in Uptown Dallas, and check out the Purpose Project page (embedded link) to learn about each Woman of Purpose.  We are also accepting nominations for the next group of women which will be announced in the Spring.  Please send nominations to lexi@abiferrin.com - subject line “Women of Purpose Nomination.”

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