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I recently had the pleasure of recording a podcast with my dear friend Gail Davis and her awesome son Kyle. I loved the dynamic of the mother-son conversation, especially as a mother of my own firecracker little boy. I have known Gail very well for years, and realized that maybe we should all sit and do a podcast for our friends to catch up on our stories! Apparently, I was full of surprises, because there was a lot of new material uncovered during our session. I wear a few different hats: entrepreneur, CEO, friend, advocate for women, single mother, 1 in 4, spokesperson, speaker, designer, leader, boss…. I love that these are all just hats that I can take off or put back on. The possibilities for all of us are endless. Please listen and share with your friends. I hope to inspire someone who may be suffering or struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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