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I have a serious question for you. If you had only 1 month left on this earth, how would you live each minute, hour and day differently starting now?  Why would you suddenly have time to do things you want to do instead of things that you “have” to do when you actually were almost out? Now, I ask, what is SO important that you can’t make those changes when you actually have an abundance of time.  

I’m no expert, but my experience with this has been so transformational that I would be remiss to keep it to myself. I lived on a hamster wheel with the illusion that I had no time for quite awhile. I had almost no time to take care of myself, no time to cook a healthy meal, no time to grocery shop, no time for a regular yoga practice, no time for a trip to anywhere non-business related, and on and on. Life was passing me by, and I had NOTHING personal to show for all the time I didn’t have. Three years ago, my friend Darrin invited me to Peru, and that was where time stopped and my life was forever changed. 

What seemed like 2 lifetimes went by but it was only 2 weeks before we were back in Dallas. To my complete amazement, the world here hadn’t ended or even really been impacted by my absence. People around me responded positively to the changes that I had taken the time to make. I was nice, clear, focused and efficient because I had refueled and recharged.

The good news is that you don’t have to make a trip all the way to Peru to begin taking back your time. It is about awareness, changing your mental reel, and making baby steps. Where are your bad habits? What little changes could you make on a daily basis that would give you back your time? What dreams are lying dormant in your heart that could be fulfilled? What routines and habits are eating your time?  

Let’s get started. First, who is stealing your minutes? Is it the notifications on your phone, other people’s emergencies and lack of planning, Hollywood, Facebook, Snapchat, happy hours that last too long, staying up to late and being too tired to get up and start your day right?  My yoga teacher training guides at Yanashala have suggested that with a daily practice your bad habits will DROP YOU. (Yes, because of this process I have found the time to take yoga teacher training in spite of the fact that I am a single mom with a company to run.) 


Secondly, what small daily steps can you take to start this process? I am starting with a new morning routine that includes drinking warm lemon water, and a 7 minute yoga practice. I would love to know your thoughts and ideas. What tools can WE share with each other to get results and take back our time?!   


  • Posted On November 21, 2017 by Theresa Stewart

    Love this. I’ve been caregiving for several yrs after losing 4 family members close together, inheriting my aunt’s care w Alzheimer’s and then my husband being diagnosed w leukemia all in a short period of time..i used to teach The Search for Significance for over 5 yrs before my parents passed away to women and loved it and still have a heart for it and a lot ofvthe things you stand for..i love love your heart. I used to do fashion shows in churches w models like you used every day women..i still have a heart for it today..i used to go to thrift stores even with friends that didn’t know how to shop for clothing that looked goid on them or students who were on a tight budget to teach them they could sti look great no matter their budget and or size or height. Yrs ago we did a teen fashion shoe as part of our class at Victory by Virtue for teens we started that was so precious to see the mothers gasp as her daughter who had wanted nothing to do w going to our class became the best student as she walked the runway in her beautiful plus size gown..all of us had tears on our eyes..thank you for what you are doing to make an impact in women’s lives..i have a sweet friend if you don’t know her, you would love her..Patry McCall. She is creating a movie on Domestic Violence..I think you would like each other. If love to meet you too one day..blessings’Theresa Stewart

  • Posted On September 28, 2017 by Nuelle Lewis

    Charlotte, you’re so sweet! Thank you for you kind words! :)

  • Posted On September 12, 2017 by Charlotte Caroom

    I love this Abi and it’s so true. I started working out with a trainer 3x a week and it has changed my life. I’m so thrilled to have my art represented in your store and would love to see you the next time I am in Dallas!

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