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Loving Your Body  


I woke up this morning in a great mood, ready to take on the world. Without thinking, I stepped onto the scale in my bathroom, and my day turned upside down. Dark emotions flooded me; self-loathing, disgust, anger, frustration, repeat. Then, it hit me. I am the girl who tells all the other girls you have to love yourself. How can I be that girl if a stupid number on a scale can steal my joy just like that? In a conversation with a friend about this topic, I had another ah-ha moment when she spoke about her struggle with her body image. Now to me, this girl has THE body. How could she possibly have a body image? Well, as we dug into it, she shared with me that her mother had always complained about her struggle with weight and been hard on herself while getting dressed, not even realizing her daughters were watching and learning.

 On my international travels one thing I have noticed is that body image is a luxury first-world problem. Is this because mothers are passing this on to our daughters? Is this because of the model ideal and the photoshopped magazine covers? This is a vicious cycle with no upside. I’d love to say that for me, this is a post-partum, body after baby problem, but the truth is that even when I was in my 20’s at a 'WAY below my current goal weight' body, the dark emotions felt exactly the same towards the reflection in the mirror. This is a self-love issue, pure and simple.

 I reflected upon my journey over the past 2 years since becoming a mother, and how much my life has changed. Instead of 6am workouts, I have morning giggles with my 2 year old before I head to work. Instead of manicures and pedicures, I take Elijah to the zoo or the swimming pool, as each extra minute with him is gold. This is me right now, and just as it always has, my body reflects the phase I am currently in. My life is full and busy. I only make it to yoga twice a week most weeks, and I am doing the best I can! I will eventually get back to the workout routine I crave, but in the meantime I need to appreciate the healthy body that serves me daily to navigate this world.

SO, I am making a public demonstration of self love, and asking you to embrace me as I am and while you do that, do me a favor.

Go look in the mirror and tell that girl how much you love her.



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Courtney Gould
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  • Posted On January 04, 2019 by Monica Joy Martin

    Awesome!!! Thanks for this!!! More!!!

  • Posted On August 23, 2018 by Aubrey Ferrin-Tutko

    What an absolutely amazing blog. For years I have suffered with body dysmorphia disorder until recently I realized the same. I love my daughters beyond anything, and would I want my beautiful daughters talking about themselves the way I speak about myself?? Absolutely not. The mind shift came along with self love. I may be a woman of large stature, but I am strong. That strength has carried me through 37 years and 6 babies. I am beautiful as are you my beautiful cousin. Thank you for posting this! Love you!

  • Posted On August 18, 2018 by Natalie Small

    You are so incredibly beautiful! And every woman out there needs to hear that. What you said rings so true to so many girls no matter the size or weight or shape of their bodies. Women are goddesses! I’m going to go tell myself that in the mirror right now. Love you and everything you do Abi.

  • Posted On August 18, 2018 by Cissi Scott

    Mommy Love is So Beautiful.
    Mommy Love is the most Treasured Love!
    Embrace Every Ounce with Total Pride💕

  • Posted On August 17, 2018 by Kelly

    Love you, sis!

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