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You could say that I stumbled into purposeful living “accidentally on purpose”.  I remember when (he who’s name I do not EVER say), my former fiancée and abuser, would tell me, “Someday you will thank me for all I have done for you.”  It may seem kind of sick, but I would say that honestly I do thank him.  I am so grateful that I got to glimpse how hard life can be when you choose to surrender your choice to the will of a bully.  On the flip side, how resilient the human spirit is when it decides that enough is enough.  My victory over the physical, and even worse, emotional abuse that I endured thanks to the aforementioned “him” redefined my future.

Through this lens, I suddenly became aware of the invisibles.  Those human beings who exist whether or not anyone sees them.  That shirt that I bought for the bargain price of $9.99 suddenly was not such a bargain when I understood that it came at the cost of a life. I tasted and felt what it was like to be trapped, and after that I could see the human sewing that t-shirt, an indentured servant with no way out, possibly chained to a sewing machine with a bed on the floor.  I could see the plight of human beings being trafficked day in and day out, maybe even sold into the brothels by their parents at the innocent age of 16.  I could also see how few people saw them or cared.  That question now alludes me day in and day out.

 How can I inspire others to care if they don’t have such a personal experience as I have had?  How do I inspire YOU to care?

 My theory is that today’s American woman controls the purse strings of the world.  We may not have equal pay just yet, but we are primarily managing our household economics, from the food we are feeding our families to the clothes on their backs.  We are a sleeping giant – just waiting to be awoken. The American woman, as a collective, is more powerful then anyone can possibly imagine.  When SHE finally gets her rhythm, understands her spending power, her influence and her inner strength – it will be an unforgettable moment. 

This is why we are launching the Purpose Project.  So many of our clients at Abi Ferrin are living and breathing examples of female leadership in a currently chaotic world. We knew it would be powerful to bring them all together and to highlight them through a fashion platform.  We were tired of being dictated by industry standards regarding who represented our brand on our website.  We love the beautiful models that have represented our brand for years, and we will keep using them, but not singularly.  We will, from here on out, use a true reflection of who wears our brand, and who represents our brand.  Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Women who inspire us daily by the way they live and the character they possess.  These women have powerful stories, some have challenges they have overcome gracefully from paralysis to abuse to raising children in the spotlight, and ALL of them have helped us build the dynamic and life changing brand that we are today. 

These woman of purpose will continue to grow as a club of sorts.  A group of women who will no longer sit silent, who are consciously living, consciously raising children, and consciously spending their household income from the food they feed their families to the clothes they put on their backs.  Quality is not just determined by thread count, but by the story behind the brands that are being supported.  Who Made Your Clothes? Was it a tribe of people who cared about each other and about you?  We can’t wait to share their stories through the launch of The Purpose Project.  Please check them out on our website and join us in spreading the word that WE are the solution.  Please join us in this peaceful movement. 

With Purpose and Love- XO Abi


  • Posted On April 13, 2017 by Denise Cooper

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring project! I love how you are creating a new paradigm of fashion and beauty. And bringing the shadow side of the fashion industry to the light. Keep sowing your seeds and planting them in our closets, it is working and it is revolutionary!!

  • Posted On April 12, 2017 by Kitty Wood

    My precious Abi, you,, who helped pick me up during one of the worst times of my life. Fresh out of a 12.5 year abusive marriage and not knowing where to turn. Having two amazing kids to raise prett much on my own and no self esteem. You gave me purpose. Purpose for myself, for my kids and to help others. You brought me into the tribe and I’ve never left because you and yours are my people. I love you so very much and I thank you for helping me become the woman I am today living everyday with intention and purpose and with the motto of how I can help others along the same path.

  • Posted On April 11, 2017 by Cynthia Vallez

    I admire her because she realized her truth. It
    was so hard for me to do. Then I married a wonderful person
    I had the beautiful daughter she was my inspiration.
    My Barbie Doll I made sure she went to private schools and receive a good education. I told her about a lot of my fears
    She made live again. She is my best friend. Thank you Abi for seeing good heart inside and out and out. She the best mom and wife.

  • Posted On April 11, 2017 by Paula Acosta

    Wow! How beautiful and inspiring you are Abi! LOVE your fashions and admire your purpose!

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